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Investing in a sign for your business not only showcases how much you care for your customers but how proud your customers are to come to you. Fluorescent Signs, Inc. in Las Cruces, NM, is a full-service sign company committed to helping you create the perfect sign for your company.

If you want to stand out with neon signs or spruce up your image with a digital LED message sign, our experts are here to guide you. We can also manufacture vinyl lettering for your doors, windows, and banners. Allow us to make your business shine above the rest.

Sign Products We Offer

Neon Lights

Digital Message Signs

Can give you the ability to advertise electronic messages to your customers on your sign instantly through your electronic device. You have the ability to schedule messages at your convenience. Catch your customer’s eye and other potential customers with digital message advertising.

Neon Lights

Our team supplies and insalls LED signs and will make the right recommendation to suit your needs. We reccommend LED lighting applications for new signage & we can also retrofit your older signage to LED, which will save you money. We also retrofit parking lot lighting for even bigger savings.

Neon Lights


Light up your business with an electrical sign that showcases who you are and what your customers mean to you. With an electrical sign, you can shine on the interior and exterior of your business. For your doors, windows, and banners, we can create customized vinyl lettering. Put your brand message in the spotlight and make advertising one of the easiest things you do this year. 

Neon Lights


You can’t get far when traveling without seeing a neon sign along the road somewhere. The classic neon sign is implemented all over the world to brand businesses with bright, colorful messaging. They are hard to miss and one of the most versatile sign styles out there. Allow us to custom fabricate any image or light style for your restaurant, bar, or retail store.

Why Retrofit Your Fluorescent Sign With LED’s?

1. LED’s lower your overall energy usage by 50-75% on your signs.
2. LED’s typically do not burn out like fluorescent bulbs.
3. LED’s outperform fluorescent lighting.
4. They are less expensive to use & maintain.
5. LED’s do not contain mercury & reduces the environmental
6. We can also convert your outdoor lighting to LED’s.

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